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Kellie S. Riley

Kellie is a certified speaker, life coach, and published author. Her desire is to help individuals identify their gifts, and empower them to leverage this in a personal & professional setting. Kellie graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree and considers herself a lifelong learner committed to learning something new each day.
Trained and Coached By Dr. Eric Thomas “ET”, 
The Number One Motivational Speaker in the World!

How May I Help You?

BHFH, LLC is a Christian based company aimed toward supporting individuals with personal growth, along with accountability to produce the highest results. Kellie Riley is a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Author. She is a University of South Florida graduate who is passionate about helping individuals who have a desire to succeed in life. Her drive comes from empowering people to become the very best version of themselves. She is honored and proud to have been trained by the #1 motivational speaker in the world, Dr. Eric “ET” Thomas. Kellie receives continuous education and training to assist her clients. 

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5 Star Testimonials

Jeri G.


Kellie shows up in our sessions as a thoughtful professional, prepared, intuitive, good listener and conducts the session is a manner that is paced for comfort but goal driven. So far I am super pleased I selected her based on her style of coaching.


Kellie is a great coach. She's very patient during each session and I can tell she genuinely enjoys helping me. After each session I feel extremely motivated to pursue my goals. She keeps me accountable and doesn't make me feel bad if a goal I set out for wasn't met. She continues to push in a very driving yet loving way. I highly recommend her services..

Chaunte P.

Jennifer S.


"She made me feel comfortable. I am not the type of person to open up and trust people but I trust her, very calm tone of voice. She definitely knows her stuff and speaks from the heart. I am thankful for her because she helped me realize so much about myself, ways to help me get over few things and ways to speak life to myself and overcome somethings. Through our meetings my confidence has definitely been boosted. I will forever be thankful."